10 Reasons to Choose Galvanized Steel

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Hot-dip galvanizing is a process of applying a layer of molten zinc to steel to give it extraordinary durability, that lowers maintenance and repair costs — for 50, 75, and sometimes up to 100 years — by protecting steel from rust and corrosion. Painting and plastic coatings protect steel as long as they stay intact, […]

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Patterns on Galvanized Steel: What are the Different Types?

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One of the most noticeable things about galvanized steel is the appearance of unique patterns on its surface. That’s one of the main ways to tell if steel has actually been galvanized. We often get asked if there can be different types of patterns and what each pattern means. Let’s consider how patterns can be […]

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15 Commonly Used Galvanized Steel Terms and what they Mean

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In our industry, we tend to use many terms that can be confusing to those who are unaware of what we do. When we meet with a new customer, we make sure to break down the process and explain it as simply as possible.  Here are some terms that we use almost every single day […]

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How Long Does Galvanized Steel Last in Extreme Temperatures?

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Hot dip galvanized (HDG) steel goes through a special process that gives it the absolute best protection available against corrosive agents in the environment and extremes of temperature. The same way HDG steel doesn’t corrode when it’s exposed to rain and snow, it also stands up well in extreme heat and extreme cold. That’s because […]

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Why is Zinc Used in Galvanizing and not Copper?


Galvanizing makes a huge difference in the longevity of steel. A coat of zinc applied in a hot dip at a professional galvanizing facility protects steel from oxidation and other kinds of corrosion for 50, 75, and sometimes even 100 years before the very first need for maintenance. But why does steel need to be […]

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